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December 13

Two things today. 1) I decided to start keeping this journal and 2) I signed up as a "Bright" despite my thoughts about the name.

It has often occured to me that I might like to keep a journal like this. I've hesitated because I didn't know whether I'd have much to say. I'm not promising to be especially regular -- in any sense of the word -- about this thing.

What's a "Bright"? According to, "[a] bright is a person who has a naturalistic worldview." That's about it. It doesn't imply membership in any philosophical or political movement other than any that might be implied by having a "worldview [that] is free of supernatural and mystical elements."

Like many of those who signed up (see, I'm not crazy about the word but I like the idea. I don't really think the word will catch on in a big way but I like the idea of a more positive sounding label for those of us with a naturalistic worldview. Time will tell...

As others on the Graveyard have pointed out, it sounds cheesy, like a brand name laundry soap or a toothpaste.

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