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"Uniting all Christians as one body"

I'm much more active at the graveyard of the gods board than anywhere else. As of somewhere around July, 2003, I am one of the owners and administrators of gotg. You're welcome there and we have a policy against banning except in exceptional circumstances: GotG

I have zero activity at the Atheist Network board because I'm banned from there. The AN's bannings had something to do with the birth of GotG but I won't get into the details of that here and now.

If you know of a discussion forum for unbelievers that should be listed here but isn't please visit my contact page and tell me about it.

I used to participate in Fidonet's Holy Smoke echo. I used Doc's Place BBS (free access) and the freeware Multimail offline QWK reader for this.

I sometimes still visit the Religion chat room at Yahoo!.


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