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Thanks to Bob Brown for giving me permission to post his stories on my site. In granting permission, Bob wrote to me: "I'm hoping these news stories will get some people to rethink the way they look at christianity."

Aside from minor formatting changes and a very few spelling corrections, these stories appear as Bob presented them.

The first five stories were originally posted on the Infidelguy forum.

Mother in state of shock

Floating Springs, Ark.     It was just another day in the life of Joan Pratt until her 9 year old son come walking through the door earlier than usual with a piece of paper in his hand. "What are you doing home so soon", asked Mrs. Pratt. "They kicked me out of school", said Little Tommy with a puzzled look on his face. "Mom", said Tommy, "what's a circumcision?"

Shocked by his response Mrs. Pratt opened the note her son gave her and couldn't believe her eyes.

"ARE THEY KIDDING", she screamed, "they don't want you in school because you're not circumcised, that’s ridiculous".

Reporters covering the story couldn't resist calling school officials and asking questions surrounding the incident.

"I'd rather not comment", replied Miss Forster, Tommy's fourth grade teacher.

Howard Brown, principal of St. Johns Elementary school, would only say that the decision is final and that their course of action is justified.

Peter Finch, a senior administrator, held a brief press conference on the front steps of the school building.

“I’m just going to make a brief statement", he said, "You all know that we have high standards in place at our school here in Floating Springs. As a result we have an unparalleled learning environment that will mold the citizens of tomorrow. We cannot allow unclean, immoral children to disrupt our school system", said Mr. Finch, “We will continue to uphold the high moral standards as set down here at our great learning institution, thank you”.

One reporter asked the Superintendent if he thought he could get away with such an outrageous decision. "Look, shouted Mr. Finch, "what kind of message are we sending to our community when we allow kids with foreskins to attend classes?"

Robert Yates a reporter for a local TV station wanted to know if they would ever let little Tommy back in school. "Only if his Mother has enough common sense and decency to take that young lad to a doctor and get that disgusting piece of skin surgically removed, then and only then will we consider bringing him back".

With that Mr. Finch waved his arm signaling that the conference was over and went back inside the school.

Eddie Hughes, an attorney hired by the Pratts to fight on their behalf said that this was an unusual case but that he was confident of getting the boy reinstated.

"Things are changing in our society", said Mr. Hughes, "people are pushing more and more for morality in our nation. This case would have been a slam dunk eight years ago but not in today's society, we're hoping for the best".

In the meantime his parents are home schooling Tommy.

"I just got his records from that school, said Tommy's mother, "he's failing science, at least that's what the school has written down". Mrs. Pratt handed one of Tommy's test papers to a group of reporters huddled around her. "Check this out", she said, " They failed him because he wrote on one of his test papers that religion doesn't belong in a science lab".

Genesis 17:14

Bob Brown

...with help from his neighbors

Denwash, Ms.     Police were shocked Friday afternoon after responding to a 911 call of a father brutally beating on his son along with the help of several of his neighbors. Police took into custody 28 year old Luke Scrolls, father of the dead child, and neighbors Mark Howell 28, John Washington 25, Cory Mathews 24 and Roy Peters 21.

"We responded to the call immediately", said police officer Rodney Waits who was the first to arrive on the scene. "When I pulled up a young lady in front of the residence was crying and screaming that they were in the back yard and to HURRY!"

"By the time I reached them the boy was lying dead on the ground in a bloody heap while the men just stood there staring at him".

Six other squad cars responded to the scene.

"I arrived just as Officer Watters was making the arrest"; said Judy Jarvis a paramedic for the County fire department.

"There was nothing we could do for that poor child, he had suffered severe trauma from head to toe".

Janice Alls the person who made the 911 call was visibly shaken when interviewed by reporters. "I was taking out the garbage when I heard screams coming from my neighbors back yard. When I went back there to investigate I saw all 5 men hitting and kicking that poor little boy unmercifully, I yelled for them to stop but they just ignored me".

Mrs. Alls husband John, heard his wife yelling and come running outside to see what was going on. "I noticed the men beating the young boy and I ran over to try and help but two of Scroll's buddies grabbed me by the neck and shoved me to the ground. I was told that this was none of my business and to stay out it. I tried to fight them off but couldn't, I felt so helpless".

As disturbing as this story is what really baffles police was the reaction of the boys mother. "After she got home from shopping we approached her and told her we had some bad news and that she had better sit down", said Detective Rogers who is leading the investigation. "When we told her that her husband and his friends had just beaten her child to death she just sighed and said", "He probably wasn't listening to his dad again, he needed to be taught a lesson".

"Can you believe it", said Rogers, "it made my stomach turn!"

Deuteronomy 21:18-21

Bob Brown


Freemont N.J.     "I couldn't believe my eyes", said Mark Weathers to reporters gathered around him Tuesday morning, "my wife was yelling at me to come to the window and look outside, I almost fell over when I saw my next door neighbor wielding an axe trying to cut down my apple tree". Mark could only shake his head as he inspected the damage; "this poor tree is a goner". "

I watered and cared for this tree for 22 years" said Mrs. Weathers, I just don't understand why someone would do such a thing". Police arrested 33 year old Jesus Ortiz in connection with the crime. Ortiz, who lived next door to the Weathers, talked with police briefly after his arrest. "This guy is a complete wacko", said arresting officer Jude Yates, "I asked him why on earth did he do it and he gave me a weird look and said it was because he was hungry and the tree didn't have any apples on it, so he decided to kill it". Yates, looking astonished, went on, "I said to him, hey, we're in the middle of winter you moron trees don't bear fruit this time of the year, what the hell's the matter with you?" He just looked at me and said that the tree deserved to die. Shortly after the crime took place Mr. and Mrs. Weathers invited reporters into their home for some warm coffee and wouldn't you know it, there resting in a big yellow bowl on the dining room table was, yup, you guessed it, a big shiny red apple. "All he had to do was ask", said Mrs. Weathers, "he didn't have to kill our tree".

Mark 11:12-14, 20-21

Bob Brown


Chipaway, Ca.     Police reported yesterday that they are investigating an incident of a father throwing his daughter outside his home and into the hands of a bunch of thugs and then telling them to do what they want to her.

Josh Lott, a father of 3, claims that he did nothing wrong and that he had to offer his daughter to the violent men in order to protect his guests from the mob outside his house.

According to Lott two of his out of town buddies dropped by to have a chat when suddenly a loud banging sound was heard coming from the front door. Lott jumped up to answer it and to his dismay a group of angry looking men demanded that he send his guests outside so they could beat the hell out of them. Lott was horrified at the demand and immediately grabbed his older daughter, Sarah, by the arm and threw her outside. "Here", shouted Lott, "take her and do what you like but as for my guests please leave them alone".

Lott than slammed the door shut and returned to his companions.

Younger daughter, Lela, told police that soon after the door closed she could hear her sister screaming as the men brutally beat her over and over again. "My dad didn't do anything to help her", sobbed the 10 year old girl, "he just sat there talking to his friends while those men beat and raped my sister".

Apparently the attack lasted long through the night.

"It was several hours before it became quiet outside", said Lela,

"I was terrified to go outside to check on her".

Sarah managed to stagger to the hospital to get help for her battered body. Staff at the hospital was shocked to see and hear what had happened to the unfortunate girl.

"When she came in she was a bloody mess", recounted Doctor Hughes, " she was barely conscious".

According to police reports immediately after being thrown out the door by her father she was continually beaten about her head. She was thrown down to the ground and then brutally raped. "I was screaming for my life", cried Sarah, “but no one paid any attention to me. I began passing out but would come around again only to experience more and more punishment. It was daybreak by the time my father's guests left“. Sarah told police that she was lying helpless on the ground while her father’s friends just stepped right over her offering no help to her whatsoever.

As soon as my father saw me lying in front of the door he yelled at me to get up, he told me that I was disgusting and to get out of his sight".

Sarah managed to sneak out of the house to get some help.

"If my father had caught me leaving he would have killed me for sure", sobbed Sarah.

No charges have been filed in this case as yet.

Sarah is currently recovering at an undisclosed location.

Her attackers are still at large.

Judges 19: 22-29

Bob Brown


Village Hills, Wash.     A crazed gunman forced his way into a Village Hills apartment last night and murdered a couple’s 2 year old baby then threatened to kill the parents if they didn’t eat their own child.

“This is one of the most gruesome cases in recent memory”, said Police Captain Cory Chapters,

“We are still looking for the perpetuators of this gruesome crime”.

Exactly what happened in this case is still not clear. The couple, Mr. and Mrs. Luke Altar, who went through this terrifying experience, is still in shock and not saying much. “What we do know”, says Detective Matthews “is that around 9:05 pm Tuesday evening a stranger knocked on the door. As soon as the door opened he barged his way into the house and immediately took control of the household. After tying up both parents he went upstairs where year old Peter Altar was sleeping and killed the young boy instantly”.

Detective Matthews pauses to collect himself then continues, “He then came downstairs with the dead youngster in his arms and……..he butchers the meat off the baby’s body and fries it up in the kitchen”.

After several minutes Detective Matthews continues, “then he came out into the living room where the Altars were tied up and told them that if they didn’t eat the meat he’d kill them both”.

After breaking down the Detective continues, “they ………they ate the flesh……oh my god……….”

Police have called the FBI to help in the investigation. Local authorities are urging anyone with information that may help solve this crime call local authorities.

Jeremiah 19:9

Bob Brown

Pickett signs demand action

Bulldog Ok.     When 58-year-old Carl Davis woke up this morning the last thing he ever imagined was to find himself at the center of attention in the town he grew up in.

But that's exactly what happened Thursday afternoon when he tried going shopping at the Levi Shopping Center in Bulldog, Oklahoma.

No sooner did Carl enter the Mall when two security guards grabbed him around the waist and escorted him right back outside. "What on earth are you doing?", asked a bewildered Carl, "We can't allow you in the store", said one of the men, "and we don't want you coming back inside". "And why not", screamed back Carl, but his words fell on deaf ears as security disappeared back inside the store.

Carl, shook up over what just had happened, decided to go back inside and talk to the manager.

"I didn't get very far before those two guys were pushing me right back outside again".

As Carl was struggling with security a crowd began to gather just outside the front of the store.

"I couldn?t believe my eyes", said Thelma Ward a 72-year-old widow out for a stroll. "Those horrible men pushed him so hard he fell to the ground, it was terrible".

Carl managed to struggle back to his feet despite hitting his head on the hard pavement. A taxi driver who was parked in front of the store and witnessed what had just took place, ran over to help Carl. "He was bleeding from a small cut on his forehead", noted the driver, "I took out some tissue paper and tried to wipe off the blood".

When the police arrived Carl explained to them what had just happened. "The officers were very polite and asked me if I was ok", said Carl, "I told them that I hadn't done anything to deserve being escorted out of the store like that". The officers went inside to talk with the manager and came out just moments later. "They do not want you in the store Mr. Davis", said one of the officers, "We suggest you go and shop somewhere else". When Carl asked the police why they didn?t want him to shop there he was warned not to cause any more trouble and to leave. Several of the people who had gathered around the scene began to jeer at the officers who immediately summoned backup. The officers then grabbed Carl and placed him in the back of a patrol car and sped away.

A spokesperson for Levi Department Stores who was willing to talk to us said the company did not want physically handicapped people shopping in their stores. "They are a distraction to our customers", she said, "We like to maintain a pleasant, unblemished atmosphere for our costumers".

Carl's sister, Julie, had this to say, "My brother is a very nice person, and I can't believe these people would treat him like that". Fighting back tears she continued, "He lost both his arms fighting for this country, I am shocked and appalled at the way these insensitive jerks treated my brother".

Reporter's inquires to the police department concerning Carl has gone unanswered. No one knows what the Bulldog Police has done with Carl or what they plan on doing to him.

Carl's sister is not going to take this lying down she has hired an attorney.

Leviticus 21:18

Bob Brown

For eating a cookie

Gainesville Maryland     Donald King, owner of Red Apple Bakeries, went on a murdering rampage yesterday after an employee was caught eating one of his cookies during break.

Mr. King, who just turned 33 years old, is known to be a bit eccentric and has always kept a close eye on his business.

According to witnesses Mary Wise, a 22-year-old secretary, took a cookie from a container that had been pulled off the assembly line. "When there are a number of broken cookies in a box we have to yank them so that our customers won't be disappointed", said Sam Hall a forklift operator for Red Apple. "I can't imagine that man shooting that lady over something like that".

Eve Henderson a 47-year-old packager who has worked for Red Apple Bakeries since they opened told reporters that Mr. King had warned people in the past that if anyone got caught eating one of his cookies he would kill them. "Who ever thought he would actually do something crazy like that?" said Mrs. Henderson, "He didn't mind if people ate cookies during break, he just didn't want anyone taking them from the discard pile". After a moment of reflection Mrs. Henderson asked for a chair to sit down in. "Oh my God", she said, "Thank God I didn't have to work today".

"That man was possessed", said Ruth Ockles a former employee who left the company back in 2002, "He wouldn't stand for any mistakes. He always threatened that if anyone got caught breaking the rules they would pay".

Ruth Maye, a neighbor of the eccentric killer, told reporters that he promised to kill her if he caught her raking her leaves on Sundays. "I had to take him seriously", she said, "I knew he was a total nut case and would carry out his promise if anything happened that displeased him".

Mr. King is currently being held at the Gainesville County Jail Facility in Nile until his trial.

"This man is very dangerous", states Police Captain Judas Pratt, "If he had his way he would kill everyone that made him angry". Mr. King's son, Jay King, tried to alert authorities that his father was a very angry person and could go off at any moment. "No one would believe me", said Jay, "I could have saved those peoples lives".

Relatives of the slain woman were so upset they were unable to talk with reporters.

Genesis 2:17

Bob Brown



Witnesses in the parking lot say that the first bomb may have gone off inside the building and the remaining four bombs appeared to detonate by the entrance, exit doors on all four sides of the shopping center.

“It looks as though whoever did this wanted to kill as many people as possible”, observed firefighter Sam Winston, “there are body parts everywhere, this is the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my life”.

Police have ruled out terrorist activity and say that this is the work of a madman. “Whoever did this is a very angry person, someone who is mad at the world”, commented police sergeant Sherm Waters, “we have got to catch him before something like this happens again”. So far police have no clues or suspects.

THE GREEN WORLD MALL is one of the largest malls in North America. It houses 120 businesses, including a medical clinic, daycare center, 6 banks, 3 major department stores, 20 food establishments, 2 casinos, and dozens of specialty shops.

“Whoever did this did a hell of a job”, said David Gabriel a member of the Rock County Bomb Squad, “This entire structure has been leveled, and I doubt if we’ll find anyone that was inside that building alive”.

Thus far only one person is known to have made it out alive. John Hona owner of Hona’s Pet World, a family run business, told police that about an hour before the blast he received a phone call warning him to get out of the building because it was going to be destroyed. Hona told police that he was concerned enough with the threat that he ordered his children to run outside while he and his wife grabbed all the animals and put them in his van parked just outside the back door of his business. He then called Mall security and told them about the phone call, they told him not to worry that they would check it out. “I wasn’t going to take any chances”, John told reporters, and “right after we loaded all the animals in the van I heard the first explosion. We hopped into the truck and got the hell out of there, then the rest of the bombs went off”. Mr. Hona shook his head and buried his face in his hands, “God must have been looking out for me today”, he sobbed, and then he then broke down and cried.

So far no other survivors have been found.

Genesis 6:13,17-19,22

Bob Brown


Rock Hills, In.     14 children were rushed to hospital emergency rooms today after a man unleashed his pit bulls and ordered them to attack a playground filled with youngsters.

Two children died as a result of the attacks and four are seriously wounded. Eight other children were treated for dog bites and released to their parents.

Police arrested 24-year-old Josh Haden, the owner of the three pit bulls involved in the attacks.

According to eyewitness accounts several children had gathered by the fence to watch the dogs play and were laughing while watching Haden roll around on the ground with the dogs. "Haden became enraged", said Sarah Phillips a 28-year-old substitute teacher who was monitoring the school children during lunch break. "I guess he thought the kids were making fun of him, that's when he walked over to the gate opened it and ordered the dogs to attack the children, it was terrible".

The pit bulls immediately went after the kids, who range in age between 7 and 9 years of age, viciously biting and knocking them on the ground. Two of the pit bulls had a child by the throat and the third chased and jumped on several of the others who were trying to run away.

"I can't get this out of my mind", sobbed 18-year-old Kathy Green, "those poor kids couldn't move or get away, the dogs tore into their bodies in seconds". One of the school children interviewed by police said that several students tried to hit and kick the pit bulls in hopes that the dogs would let go of their friends but no amount of hitting could get the pit bulls to let go "Those kids were risking their own lives", noted Phil Gathers school janitor. "When one of the dogs finally did let go he went after the kids that were trying to rescue their friends". Several teachers were treated at the scene as well. "By the time we got out to where the children were being attacked it was too late", said Roger Lark, "there wasn't a whole lot we could do they were like hounds from hell".

When police arrived they immediately shot the dogs and then went looking for the owner.

Several bystanders directed police to Josh Haden's home. "We found him kicked back and watching television as though nothing had happened", said officer Robert Logan, "I've seen some real jerks in my time but this guy takes the cake".

Logan was arrested without incident.

2 Kings 2:23-24

Bob Brown


Silver Star NM     Yesterday at 3:25pm, Hidden cameras captured 4 men and 1 woman entering Meyers Pharmacy at Adams and Southwest Blvd. in the town of Silver Star New Mexico.

Julie Meyers, 28-year-old daughter of Russ Meyers who has owned and operated the business for the past 14 years, was filling a prescription for a customer when suddenly she was grabbed from behind by two of the suspects. Bob Mitchell and Forest Adams knocked the young Pharmacist to the ground where they quickly bound and gagged her. Jean Lacklin a 46 year old customer was, at the same time, subdued by the other two suspects, Howard Fragg, 22 and Macy Bennings 21, who then forced her into a beer cooler and then barricaded the door with several cases of unopened stock.

Julie Meyers was then dragged out of the store and taken to an empty field next to the pharmacy where the 5th suspect, Robbie Koch, poured several gallons of gasoline over her body. Then, in an instant, one of the men lit a match and set her on fire! Eyewitnesses recount the following:

"We were cruising down route 34", said Gloria Phillips mother of two children, "when suddenly my two children began to scream, Look mommy that lady is on fire. I pulled the car over to the side of the road and looked, I couldn't believe my eyes, this women, with her hands tied behind her back, had gotten up from the ground and began running while engulfed in flames. I noticed 5 other people chasing after her. I thought they were trying to help her but quickly realized they weren't when she fell to the ground and they encircled her yelling and cheering while watching her burn. I told my children to turn their heads and look away, it was terrifying!" Ted Thompson, a local truck driver, pulled his truck over into the field not more than a hundred feet from the burning body and immediately called 911. "I couldn't believe my eyes", he said, " those crazy people were jumping up and down in celebration while that poor girl burned to death, I was shocked".

When the police arrived on the scene Miss Meyers was dead. The four suspects remained with the charred body right up to their arrest. "We had to do it", said Bob Mitchell when questioned by the authorities, "we couldn't let her continue to practice her craft".

Citizens in town were stunned beyond words. One resident who was a friend of two of the suspects told police that he was shocked to learn that his pals were involved in the grisly crime. "I just can't believe it", said Sam Sorrel, " I knew Bob and Forest for 8 years, they were good hard working people who always tried to live good clean lives and stayed active in our church. They had a very strong faith in God, what could have gone wrong?"

Exodus 22:18

Bob Brown


Kootsville, IN     Sand County Indiana investigators are still scratching their heads after being summoned to a murder scene where two parents and their 2-year-old baby were found slaughtered in their home.

Around 7 p.m police were called to the home of Travis and Cindy Taylor by a concerned relative after several failed attempts to reach them by phone.

When police arrived on the scene they were taken back by what they saw.

Both Cindy and Travis were lying on the living room floor with multiple stab wounds about the face and chest. Large pools of blood were scattered about the room suggesting that both victims were trying to escape their killers while being stabbed.

When investigators went upstairs they were horrified to find the mutilated body of the Taylor's 2-year-old baby lying in a crib covered in his own blood. "It appears that whoever did this took a large knife or machete and sliced this poor kid right in half", remarked Peter Oklin, who is in charge of the crime scene. What really has police puzzled is the apparent manner in which the crimes were committed. According to authorities both parents were murdered several days before the baby was killed. Why this would be the case is still a mystery.

"Whoever committed these crimes killed the parents first and then for some unknown reason returned two days later to finish off the infant", noted forensic expert Katie Sterlin.

None of the Taylor's neighbors reported anything-unusual taking place during the time of the killings.

"They pretty much kept to themselves", noted one of the neighbors.

Detective Rodney Scott, one of the first investigators to arrive on the scene, was enraged over the senseless killing. "We have been getting complaints in this neighborhood of some sick, twisted individual running around setting peoples pets on fire, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be the same person”.

A friend of the Taylor's had this to say to reporters, "I can't believe something like this could happen in our community, what kind of heartless individual would do something like this?"

Investigators are urging members of the public with any information to please contact the Sand County Police.

Numbers 31:1-54

Bob Brown

and mails her body parts to relatives

Kissmont N.Y.     When 27 year old Ruth Tyler received a big brown package from UPS she got all excited. It was just 3 days before her birthday and she loved getting surprises. Her anticipation was heightened even further when she read the return address. The package was sent by her older brother James, he always liked to send her gifts. "Last year he sent me a beautiful silver Cross", she said, "I don't know what on earth made him do this!" When Mrs. Tyler opened the brown package she discovered to her horror that it contained the head of her sister-in-law Rosie Shore. "I heard a blood curdling scream from the upstairs bedroom", said her husband Arnold, "When I reached the dining room table where the package sat I found my wife passed out on the floor. I first checked to see if Ruthie was ok then I peeked in the box. I immediately threw up. It was horrific beyond words."

Investigators were stunned when summoned to the Tyler residence. "This is the most gruesome crime I have ever encountered", commented Detective Horace Dillweed, "Imagine getting a package in the mail and discovering a relatives head inside."

Things were to get even more bizarre when a report came in that a human hand was found in a package mailed to Robert Delk in Haynes North Dakota. Paramedics ended up taking Mr. Delk to a hospital where he was treated for shock.

Police are currently looking 30 year old James Shaw who is wanted for questioning.

"Right now he is our prime suspect?, commented Police Captain Ed Tisdale, "We haven't been able to locate him as yet but we are intensifying our search as we speak.

3 more body parts have been received in the mail. Another hand was discovered by a family in Windport, California. A teenage Girl was told by her mom to open the package and see what was inside. The young 15 year old girl screamed and then passed out.

A left foot was found by an elderly woman in Florida. After opening the package she called the police who, after arriving on the scene, called paramedics because of her complaining about chest pains.

A right foot was discovered by the Post Office in Soft Tree, Minnesota. The box containing the right foot of Rosie Shaw had bloodstains on the outside of it. An alert employee notified Postal Officials that something didn't appear right about the parcel. Postal authorities immediately opened the blood stained box and made the grisly discovery.

So far there has been no sign of the torso. Investigators are hoping the public may have some information that will help solve this case.

Judges 19:29

Bob Brown

Pregnant woman slashed!

South Point N.H.     At approximately 7:15 Sunday night, 12 people dressed in black overalls entered a Church in New Hampshire and proceeded to torture and kill 6 people in front of an entire congregation of startled, shocked onlookers.

"It was a bloodbath", commented homicide detective James Spunk, "It must have been a living hell inside that church".

Apparently 12 people stormed in both the side and front doors during the middle of Pastor Tony Grisham's sermon with both guns and knives drawn.

"Six of the men immediately grabbed several people from the pews", said 54-year-old Julie Hanes who has sung in the church choir for 14 years, "They took an 8 year old boy, a 23 year old girl and several others including the Pastor's wife, 42 year old Gale Grisham".

A few of the men guarded both the entrance and the exits to make certain that no one else left the church.

According to eyewitnesses the intruders forced 6 of the parishioners to sit on their knees just in front of the main pulpit at center stage.

"The tall one pulled out his gun and held it to 33 year old Alice Trump's head", said Jay House who was sitting in the second row during the incident, "He began to yell at her about how she was forewarned not to attend church and how she's going to pay the price for not listening to him, then BANG, BANG, BANG, she slumped over, she died instantly".

Sixty-six year old Gracie Howard, who was sitting at the organ during the whole ordeal, sobbed uncontrollably as she spoke to reporters.

"Those monsters!", she screamed, "One of those thugs got upset because a 5 year old girl began to cry. He yelled at her to SHUT UP but it only scared her and made her cry more. He then took out his gun and cracked her over the head, she began to scream, and then he pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger but the gun jammed. Infuriated he reached down to pick up one of the decorative stones that sit just off the side of the stage and proceeded to crack the girl's head wide open with it".

A 24-year-old pregnant woman who was sitting in a nearby seat jumped up and began to scream at the man who had assaulted the young girl. He turned to her and told her she had no business saying anything to him and proceeded to shoot her on the spot. She dropped to her knees and then fell over on her back. As she lay there bleeding to death she glanced over at the shooter and said, "You'll go to hell for this", he then screamed back at her and pulled out a machete, he then proceeded to slash open her belly".

At this point several members of the congregation made a move to subdue the killers.

Donald Ashcroft, one of the men who were wounded recounts the following. "I couldn't just stand there and watch. Three of us, George West, Frank Posser and myself decided to storm the stage and just as quickly the men began shooting at us. I was shot twice in the thigh, George and Frank were both hit in the head, there was nothing we could do. Both George and Frank died as a result of their wounds".

"The entire church was now in total chaos", reports 26-year-old Steven Howard who was attending the church for the first time, "People began breaking and jumping out windows amid gunfire and smoke, others were kneeling and praying".

As police pulled up to the front of the church they could see flames shooting out from the windows. "My God", said Officer Glenn Preston, "It was like war had broken out. People were diving out of windows and running for their lives. We heard several explosions and then the sound of gunfire, we immediately hit the ground, we had no idea what we were getting into".

While the church was burning the suspects made an attempt to escape from the rear of the building but were quickly subdued by police SWAT units.

"They just froze and threw their hands up", said Horace Green commander of the SWAT unit, "There were no incidents during the arrests".

Kevin Straw a local reporter for the South Point Bulletin said that they were getting phone calls for several months that warned of a massive slaughter if people continued to go to church.

"These people meant business", said Kevin, "We notified the police but was told that they were already aware of the threats being made and that they were looking into it".

Just 1 week ago police discovered a charred body behind a Baptist church on the East side of town. The woman, identified as 35-year-old Gloria Salem, was holding a rabbit's foot containing her car keys in her hand; it was the only part of her body that didn't burn. According to the coroner she died a slow painful death.

Police are now saying that these men are an organized band of Atheists who have been threatening to rain death and destruction to any and all that will not listen to their views.

"There are millions of these nuts out there", said Detective Jason Goddard, who claims to be a born again Christian, "These sick people have been talking about destroying and killing people who don't think the same way they do for some time now, they have to be stopped before it's too late. You just can't go around threatening to destroy anyone who may think or believe different than you, what is this world coming to?"

Joel 2:6-9
Jer. 51:6
2Ki 8:12
Luk 12:5
1Ti 2:4
Exd 22:18
Eze 21:13

Bob Brown

You should be tying the knot

Deep River, Me.     A Maryland Court Judge is under fire after making insensitive remarks to an alleged rape victim during a wild and woolly trial this week in Stone County Maryland. Judge Matthew Sterns caused the controversy when he suggested to 23 year old Doris Hamors that she marry her alleged attacker 28 year old Donald Jenkins, a former boyfriend. On March 16th at 10:33 p.m. Police responded to a call from Miss Hamors residence claiming that a rape had just taken place. According to police reports Miss Hamors threw a party for a dozen friends to celebrate a promotion she received at work. One of her friends brought along Miss Hamors former boyfriend, Donald Jenkins, thinking that it would help bring them back together, the two were a couple for several years before a disagreement came between them 3 months ago. "They were so much in love", said Gloria Dentmore a friend of Miss Hamors, "I thought I was doing both of them a favor, I had no idea it would come to this".

Although Miss Hamors claims she was raped, her former boyfriend denies that it ever happened. Miss Hamors claims that shortly after he arrived he began to engage her in conversation; she politely declined and then quietly asked him to please leave. When he refused she went back to her bedroom to call police. According to her story Mr. Jenkins followed her into the bedroom then grabbed her from behind and threw her down on the bed. She struggled but his enormous weight was too much for her to overcome. She claims that he gagged her so she couldn?t scream and then proceeded to rape her. She testified that after he was through he said, ?you owed me that", and then casually went back to the party as though nothing had happened. Miss Hamors was later to explain to the jury that he was upset with her because she wanted to save herself until they were married and he was not wanting to wait that long.

Mr. Jenkins story is much different. According to Jenkins Miss Hamors wanted to talk and asked him to follow her to the bedroom. As soon as they arrived Miss Hamors accused him of flirting with her girlfriend, Jenkins angrily shoved her down on the bed and then left the room. Jenkins claims that Miss Hamors is an extremely jealous person and needs psychiatric help. Witnesses at the party testified that there did not appear to be any problem between the two during their initial meeting but after both left to go to the bedroom Miss Hamors did not come back out with Mr. Jenkins right away. "It wasn't until after the police arrived that she decided to come back out to join the rest of us", states Roger West, a co-worker of Miss Hamors, "She looked very upset".

After 4 days of testimony the jury came back with a guilty verdict.

Right after Judge Sterns thanked the jury he turned to Miss Hamors and commented, "Instead of sentencing your boyfriend to prison I feel the two of you should be tying the knot". There was a stunned silence as he continued, "This is a very sad and tragic case, you are obviously two people who really love one another, and it's a shame you are letting petty little problems get in the way of your happiness. I urge the both of you to get some counseling". Right after the remark Miss Hamors jumped up and screamed, "I was raped damn it, this monster raped me!" Several others in the courtroom also began to shout their displeasure at the Judge. Court officials immediately cleared the courtroom while security escorted Judge Sterns back to his chambers.

Several demonstrations outside the courthouse are being planned by FORV (Friends Of Rape Victims). Judge Sterns has declined any further comment on the case.

Deuteronomy 22:28-29

Bob Brown

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