The Pigliucci/Hovind Debate Transcript Project

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The Pigliucci/Hovind Debate Transcript Project

I'm going to post this on quite a few message boards, as well as here on my site. I've decided to start a little project. I want to make a transcript of the debate between Massimo Pigliucci and Kent Hovind that aired on the Infidel Guy internet radio show earlier this year.

The MP3 of the debate runs for 130 minutes and 26 seconds. That's a lot of typing so I'd appreciate some help from a few people who are willing to commit some time to transcribing part of the debate. Ten minutes, 15, 20, half an hour, whatever you're willing to do. It's not real easy work and it's not something that everyone's "cut out for" so please try transcribing about two minutes of it before you commit yourself, just so you know whether you have the interest and the skills.

Before you start the actual work, contact me about which time span you plan to transcribe so we don't get too much duplication of effort. I can assign a time span to you if you tell me how many minutes you're willing to transcribe. Most volunteers are taking assignments of 5 or 10 minutes.

For this project, I don't care which side of the God or no God, creation or evolution debate you're on. Where ever you stand on those questions, you're welcome to help if you've got the time, interest and skills. This will be a straightforward transcript with no editorializing or "creative editing". We're not going to put in every "uh" and stutter but I want as many of the actual words in there as possible. After it's done, I hope to have it checked for accuracy by both creationists and supporters of mainstream evolutionary science. After that, as far as I'm concerned, anyone can post it anywhere, although I'm contacting Reginald Finley (the Infidel Guy) regarding his position on where this can be posted. The debate took place on his show so I assume that the copyright is his.

If you don't have a copy of the MP3, you can download it from the Infidel Guy web site at It's about 15 MB. You'll find it in the column on the left, under the heading Most Popular.

If you want to get involved, email me or respond in the message board thread I started for this project . I'll also post four minutes and 22 seconds' worth of transcript in that thread so you get an idea of the format I want to use (it's pretty basic), so please take a look at that if you're interested in the project.

If you're not interested in transcribing but you'd like to help check the transcription for accuracy (comparing it to the audio), let me know.

Everyone who helps with this project will be credited in the finished transcript. If you participate, please let me know how you want your name listed:

  • your message board nickname
  • your real name
  • your real name with your nickname in brackets (this is what I'm choosing for myself)
  • other (let me know)

Assigned Sections and Completion Status


  • 00:00 - 9:59 - in progress

No Fear

  • 10:00 - 11:59 - in progress


  • 20:00 - 24:59 - in progress


  • 25:00 - 34:59 - completed
  • 35:00 - 39:59 - completed
  • 100:00 - 109:59 - in progress

Justin Felux

  • 40:00 - 49:59 - completed


  • 50:00 - 69:59 - in progress


  • 70:00 - 99:59 - completed

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